Chasing Trains

A road trip adventure as three friends travel across Europe making a film about German Steam trains.

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*Currently in Post Production, due for completion end 2017

'Steam Locos in Profile' Production Team

Left to right: Adam, Sam & Chris (Presenter)


This September (2017) I was asked by Chris to come along as an extra camera person to help the lads film their series on steam trains in the Netherlands & Germany. 

Clearly I wasn't their first choice as I am not a Steam Train Enthusiast, but after their first few choices didn't work out, they got in touch as I'm an old friend of Sam's from film school and have filmed some train things for him in the past in exchange for help on my own films.

Also I have a camera and can speak a bit of German.

They could cover my expenses but had no budget for wages, and I was going to be away from my husband and my cat for seventeen days., a bit of a stretch but I thought, oh why not. 

In result, and after a bit of guidance, not only did I do a bit of (hopefully usable) train filming for them, but I also filmed our behind the scenes road trip adventure for the whole seventeen days. 

For the first time I myself am also in my own film, as the Rail Fan 'Apprentice' (no you are not allowed to call us Trainspotters) You'll see me early in the morning in the fog somewhere in the Harz mountains in Germany, confused as to which way the train is coming, explaining which way 'not' to shoot a train, furthermore frustrated that I missed that amazing shot due to lack of timetabling accuracy. 

The lads are passionate about Steam Trains (obviously) and will do their utmost to get THAT shot (within speed limits and reasonable health and safely standards of course) 

Think of it like, The Italian Job meets... Cat Show. 

Anyway, It's going to be lots of fun :)


In the meantime check out the trailer for their main film, with some of my awesome train shots! And the model train bit with the lads at the start.

'Steam Locos in Profile'