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New Documentary Film 60″ by Donna Lipowitz about a young ambitious blind woman, Carly, and her Persian Cat Tango. Together they travel all over the UK and Europe to attend competitive Cat Shows.  Cat Show Facebook page

Completed November 2014. Due for release 2015. Cat Show teaser part 1

Pictured is Carly who features in the Documentary with her Himalayan/ Persian Cat Tango. (Photographed by Mario Magé)

Follow up to the Film is a proposed 6 part 22″ series which will explore the behind the scenes of Cat Shows, Penning, Judging, Breeding, as well as the continued story of Carly and the other people who we meet along the way. The one thing everyone has in common, the love of cats.

Distribution / pre-sale series enquiries contact Andrea Stokes from Canamedia

Dog Dancing School on TV

Discovery Channel Press for Dog Dancing School

Dog Dancing School will be aired for the first time on Television Tuesday December 17th 2013 at 8pm on the Cable Channel Animal Planet UK (Discovery Network) Available on Virgin Cable TV & Sky TV in the UK. (Check with your cable provider for other companies)

Dog Dancing school Header Small

Leipzig Film Market 2013

I will be attending the Leipzig Film Festival Market in Germany this November with my 45 minute Documentary film Dog Dancing School.

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Dog Dancing School Trailer

Dog Dancing School is a funny and heart-warming documentary film about two amateur dog dancing enthusiasts and their teacher at a small Dog Dancing School on the outskirts of London.

They have difficulties and challenges along the way, but together with their enthusiasm and guidance from their passionate teacher, they may just make it.


The Goat Race Mini Film

The Goat Race mini film is a special preview of part of the exciting new documentary film by Donna Lipowitz.

The Goat Race is a light-hearted event with lots of Goat themed activities, the highlight of the day where everyone watches on as two Goats, Barney (representing Cambridge) and Bella (representing Oxford) make their way from their day field, up the farm path to their barn, as they do on every other normal day, except this time with a slightly larger audience. The event raises enough money to cover costs for food for all the farm animals for a year.

The main film “The Goat Race” is about the behind the scenes of what goes into preparing for such an event, where you will get to meet the Goats Barney and Bella, and their human companions, the hard-working farmers and volunteers from Spitalfields City Farms, and Mudchute City Farms, as well as the race organisers, who came up with the idea in the first place over a couple of drinks at the pub, and are continually amazed at how successful and popular the event has become.