Chasing Trains

Chris Eden-Green and his friends Sam and Adam make films about Steam Trains, for the first time they're making a film outside of the United Kingdom, a road trip to Germany filming Steam Trains, conquering the weather and confusing timetables along the way. 

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*Completed February 2018

'Steam Locos in Profile' Production Team

Left to right: Adam, Sam & Chris (Presenter)

CHASING TRAINS Documentary Film 80 mins

CHASING TRAINS is a behind the Scenes Documentary film about the making of a Rail Enthusiast video series for DVD & youtube called Steam Locos in Profile *Volume Three.


Chris Eden-Green has been producing films about Steam Trains since 2012, and has a strong following of loyal Rail Fans from all over the world eagerly awaiting his latest DVD's and youtube programs.

Fans liken his programs to 'Top Gear' for steam trains. (Top Gear is a popular British TV show about cars)

He knows he'll never be a millionaire from doing this but he's passionate about Steam Trains and he doesn't care much what you think about that. 

His fans have supported him via crowdfunding to take a trip to Germany to make a film about German Steam Trains. Together with his friends Sam and Adam they drive from Kent in England, to the Netherlands then onto Germany where they are challenged by the weather and unfamiliar timetables at Brocken Mountain, in the beautiful Harz National Park in Saxony, Germany. Very picturesque, if only the damned weather would behave itself! 

Chris has Aspergers but it doesn't define him. Making films about trains is his way of escaping from the often frustrating world that surrounds us all. Things may be shitty sometimes but if you focus on what is happening right now, you'll be alright. 

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'Steam Locos in Profile*Volume Three.

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*Photo Credit: Adam Ashford